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The Great Accomplishment
Da Cheng Chuan, the Great Accomplishment, is widely regarded as the most powerful of all Chinese martial arts. The practice of Da Cheng Chuan develops the full spectrum of human energy: health, martial arts, philosophy and personality. Da Cheng Chuan's foundation is an age-old Chi Kung style: Zhan Zhuang, Standing Like a Tree. An increasing number of people of all ages and from all walks of life worldwide are now practising this profound art and experiencing its benefits.
The Way of Power Video

The Way of Power Video
with Master Lam Kam Chuen
This remarkable video, filmed on location in China and London, is the companion to the ground-breaking book The Way of Power by best-selling author Master LAM Kam-Chuen. Nearly 50 minutes of original footage include detailed instructions on Da Cheng Chuan, the martial art known in China as The Great Accomplishment. Combining demonstrations, master classes and individual training, The Way of Power presents the seven stages of Da Cheng Chuan from the foundation practices of Zhan Zhuang Chi Kung, Standing Like a Tree, through to Jian Wu, the spontaneous dance of martial power.
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Chi Kung Master Lam Kam Chuen introduced Da Cheng Chuan to the West with the first-ever public demonstration in London in 1987. Now he has completed work on the first detailed introduction to this art to be published internationally.
The Way of Power The Way of Power
Reaching Full Strength in Body and Mind
by Master LAM Kam Chuen
    The first book on Da Cheng Chuan in the West. The Way of Power provides a rare insight and introduction into the sectret training that enables you to achieve full strength in body and mind, by generating the same remarkable power for which Chinese masters are renowned.
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We are very pleased to present an exclusive preview of the book's survey of the ancient and modern masters of
The Great Accomplishment Lineage
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In the summer of 1999, a delegation of more than 40 Da Cheng Chuan practitioners from 15 countries was brought to China by two internationally known masters of the art: Master Lam Kam Chuen and Master Henry Look. The following report by Richard Reoch takes you on the journey to the sources of Da Cheng Chuan.
The Great Journey
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