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Chi Kung is rooted in a tradition which is reaching back thousands of years. For most of this time, the cultivation of our life force through Chi Kung has been a secret practice - available only to a few selected students in China. Transfering this authentic knowledge is the goal of the Chi Kung Academy.

To this end, the Academy is offering private lessons, classes, education for teachers, workshops and other events to promote the teaching of authentic Chi Kung.

Thomas Apfel, head of the Academy is a member of the living tradition of Chi Kung and a long-standing student of Master Lam. As one of his acknowledged disciples, Thomas belongs to the inner circle of Master Lam students.

The idea to launch the first Zhan Zhuang Chi Kung school of Germany, the root of the Academy, emerged during a trip to China with Master Lam in the summer of 1996. In January of the following year, the first class in Germany has been taught - and in May, the first workshop with Master Lam in Germany took place. This year, the school is celebrating its 15th anniversary.

Please visit the Start page to find a list of the current Chi Kung events.

Thomas and Helga Apfel with the Chi Kung Academy team

Workshop with Master Lam 2014

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