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Chi Kung: Overview

Chi Kung, also written Chi Gong or Qi Gong, literally translates into Energy Exercise. It is a generic term which is used for a wide range of Chinese health practices. The common goal of all Chi Kung systems is to stimulate and balance the internal flow of Chi energy.

This vital life force is of central importance in Traditional Chinese Medicine and flows through channels in the body which are called meridians in the West. The unobstructed flow of Chi is key to our
well-being and health.

A blockage will lead to an overload of the energy system at another location and consequently to a condition of uneasiness or disease. Such blockages are caused by a number of factors. The most common ones are a sedentary lifestyle typical to office jobs, a bad posture, and a high level of muscle tension - often caused by stress.

In China, the knowledge of the key importance of Chi has been cultivated and refined over thousands of years. This insight and wisdom is being applied since a long time to prevent diseases and premature aging, to heal sicknesses, and is put to effective use in the martial arts.

Nowadays, because of the long history of Chi research and application, there are many different Chi Kung styles and schools. However, all of them share the same goals: to develop inner strength and to open and clear the channels through which the vital Chi force is flowing.

Being proficient in Chi Kung, we fill up our life force daily and prevent health problems before they affect us. The benefits of regular practice are manyfold and have a profound effect on all areas of life.

Thomas Apfel at the Flaming Mountains, Xinjiang

Thomas Apfel at the Flaming Mountains, Xinjiang

The five signs of Practice

Xing - The Form

Yi - The Mind

Li - The Power

Chi - The Energy

Shen - The Spirit

According to Professor Yu Yong Nian

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