Meister Lam

Chi Kung Training with Master Lam in Jǐnghóng, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan

Chi Kung

When you stand, you are like a tree. You are growing from within. Your feet, like roots, draw power from the earth. You rest calmly, the universe within your mind ...
Chi Kung
Chi Kung Group Picture 2009


During Chi Kung workshops and other events, it is customary to commemorate these valuable gatherings of Chi Kung Masters and their students by taking a group photo. Here are a few examples spanning four decades.
Chi Kung
Master Lam in Jiǔzhàigōu, Sìchuān

Meister Lam

A Life Devoted to Healing and Teaching

"It is rare to find an authentic master of an ancient art. From the age of 12, Lam Kam Chuen has devoted himself to the internal strengthening and healing of the human body ...
Meister Lam
Chi Kung Workshop

Die Chi Kung Akademie

Ancient Wisdom meets Modern Practice

Established in 1997 under the guidance of Sifu Thomas and endorsed by Master Lam, the Academy offers training for both novice and seasoned Chi Kung enthusiasts ...
Chi Kung Workshop with Master Lam in Petersaurach

Das sagen unsere Schüler

With active students from some dozen countries and five continents, the Academy is one of the largest international Chi Kung communities ...
Training with Master Lam in Petersaurach, Germany

Warum Chi Kung?

Chi Kung improves all aspects of our well-being and of our effectiveness. The personal energy level goes up significantly. The ...
Group picture with Master Lam and students

First Years with Master Lam

Don’t move,” said the Master. He was motionless. “Whatever you do, don’t move.” There was a long silence. Then he spoke ...
Meister Lam

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