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Energy for a Healthy Body and a Happy Mind

The Art of Chi Kung

Chi Kung, also known as Qigong, is an ancient Chinese practice that strengthens and balances the flow of vital life energy (Chi) within the body.

With roots in Chinese medicine and martial arts, this holistic discipline promotes physical health, mental clarity, and spiritual well-being.

Body and mind are harmonized through conscious practice and mindfulness.

Master Lam in Jiǔzhàigōu, Sìchuān
Master Lam

Passed down through generations, this art embodies a vibrant and enduring tradition.

Introduced to the West in the 1980s by Master Lam, it was later brought to Germany by Sifu Thomas in the 1990s.

The Chi Kung Academy

Established in 1997 under the leadership of Sifu Thomas and with the endorsement of Master Lam, the Chi Kung Academy provides training for both novice and experienced Chi Kung enthusiasts.

With active students from numerous countries across five continents, the Academy has evolved into one of the world’s foremost international Chi Kung communities.

Twice weekly, participants from around the globe come together for online classes led by Sifu Thomas.

Furthermore, the Academy offers on-site and online workshops, along with courses designed for both beginners and advanced practitioners.

Sifu Thomas - BaDuanJin
Sifu Thomas

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Healthy Body

Chi Kung operates at the very core of our well-being, our energy.

As a result, the medical benefits are numerous and extend to many areas.

The following are some of the most common effects.

Flexible Spine,
Tendons and Joints
Immune Defense
Strong Heart and
Cardiovascular System
Calm and Sharp

Happy Mind

Inner Power

Calm Center

Relaxed Concentration

Flowing Energy

Creative Growth

Chi Kung Workshop

Chi Kung News

Sifu Thomas

Chi Kung Foundations

Chi Kung Course with Sifu Thomas
Nine weeks from October 17, 2024, Live via Zoom

Would you like to learn Chi Kung in the Tradition of the Masters, from a teacher with over 27 years of expertise in teaching this art?
Chi Kung Training with Master Lam in Jǐnghóng, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan

Chi Kung

When you stand, you are like a tree. You are growing from within. Your feet, like roots, draw power from the earth. You rest calmly, the universe within your mind …
Chi Kung

What’s Unique About Us?

Decades of Unparalleled Expertise
Benefit from extensive decades-long teaching experience, providing you with unmatched insights and mastery in the practice of Chi Kung.

Accessible Instructions
Experience a grounded and comprehensive teaching style that demystifies Chi Kung, making it accessible to practitioners of all levels.

Cultivating Positivity
Embrace a warm and joyful learning atmosphere, where our friendly approach fosters a positive and supportive environment for personal growth.

Real-Time Learning From The Comfort Of Your Home
Engage in live online sessions led by experienced teachers. No pre-recorded videos – only real-time, interactive classes ensuring a dynamic and tailored learning experience.

Thriving Community Connection
Join one of the most expansive Chi Kung communities, connecting with like-minded individuals from all walks of life who share a passion for well-being and self-discovery.

YouTube Videos

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Youtube-Stand Still Be Fit
Master Lam: Stand Still Be Fit
Professor Yu Yong Nian - YouTube Video
Professor Yu Yong Nian: Zhan Zhuang
An Unbroken Lineage - YouTube Video
Zhan Zhuang Lineage and Memorial
International colloquium on Da Cheng Chuan Datong 1999
Master Lam and Sifu Thomas – International colloquium on Da Cheng Chuan, Datong, 1999
Sifu Thomas and Students -Training on the edge of the forest
Sifu Thomas and students –
Training at the edge of the forest
China Trip 2019
China Trip with Master Lam –
Yunnan and Beijing

Voices of our students

Michael de Campos

Excellent workshop!

Master Lam succeeds time and again in ensuring that all participants discover something new and valuable – no matter how long they’ve been practicing.

Top notch!

Feedback after Chi Kung Academy workshop with Master Lam

Michael de Campos, HR manager, Munich, Germany

Gina and her Qigong Group

Sifu Thomas was my first teacher before I moved back to the US. I’m glad that he introduced me to Qigong.

This art has changed my life in positive ways beyond words – mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Jeanne (Gina) White, Qigong Practice Group Leader, Hernando, FL, USA


I’ve been practising Tai Chi and Chi Kung since around 2005 and have seen how many fellow practitioners who have severe spinal disorders, even multiple sclerosis and tumors, benefit from this form of training.

Through these exercises you find your inner center and relax.

The training can be done standing, sitting or lying down.

Uwe, Doctor, Germany

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Ann Mc Fadden

In each class or workshop, I always learn something new about a position or movement that I didn’t know before.

This training process continues to deepen my understanding and my practice.

What might look simple on the outside is really quite profound when experienced.

I appreciate Sifu Thomas’ teaching style, patience, and kindness, as well as the international online community he fosters.

Ann McFadden , Senior Construction Project Manager, Winona, MN, USA

Jürgen Weisheit

Sifu Thomas is an excellent teacher, humorous, precise in his instructions and demonstrations, very good at explaining and showing how it works, didactics and consistent structure of the training sessions.

And it’s great that we are such a nice group of students.

I’m already looking forward to our next course.

Dr. Jürgen Weisheit, Business Coach and Management Consultant, Ludwigshafen, Germany

Andrea practicing Chi Kung in Petersaurach

I discovered Chi Kung through my friend Claudia a few years ago.

Through the training, I increased both my physical and mental fitness and balance. It helps me to overcome crises, to stay calm and positive.

The weekly lessons in the group are also a great addition to my daily life.

For this, I thank Sifu Thomas, and of course Master Lam, from the bottom of my heart!

Andrea Strauss, Social Education Worker, Family and Couple Therapist, Petersaurach, Germany

Sheng-Han practicing Chi Kung in the hills near Manila

This powerful system is like a tiger.

Sneaking upon the practitioner, it looks so calm and steady.

Yet so much power is given and returned.

Sheng-Han Yang, Chi Kung Teacher, Manila, The Philippines

Standing Like a Tree (Zhan Zhuang) replenishes my energy after a long, strenuous day at work.

The perfect way to enjoy the evening in a relaxed way.

Claudia, Speech therapist, Germany


Chi Kung helps me to find the calmness, the energy and the power to master the many challenges of my job.

Werner, Management Consultant, Germany

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I am very grateful that I was able to learn the standing exercises (Zhan Zhuan) in depth and have been practicing them daily ever since.

Irina, Nurse and Tai Chi teacher, Germany

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Sifu Thomas is a
wonderful teacher,
clear and radiant.

The art he’s teaching is profound.

Richard Levine, writer, director, actor and producer, Los Angeles, California

Christine & Rosi

I love Chi Kung because it recharges my batteries in a wonderful way and because it is very easy.

Chi Kung gives me a lot of energy.

Christine & Rosi,
Oestpath & Secretary, Germany

Click here for the video (German)

Erik Olsen

Through Sifu Thomas’ training, sessions, and with regular practice of Chi Kung, I feel like my practice has truly deepened and reached a much higher level.

Even my acupuncturist recognized this and told me that I’m significantly healthier now – in comparison to a few years ago when I had not begun Sifu Thomas’ training.

Here’s an impressive example. Ever since I can remember, I’ve suffered from chronic allergies and sinusitis.

Now, I don’t have these health issues anymore.

I wake up each morning being able to breathe freely.

Erik Olson Fernandez, Union Representative for Teachers, Sonoma County, California, USA


I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the Chi Kung Foundations Course this fall.

Sifu Thomas has a calming and joyful presence and he is very generous with his teaching.

He managed to create a sense of community within the group even though we were joining online from different parts of the world.

I had already been practicing a few of the basic positions from reading Master Lam’s book, but I learned a lot of new information in the classes.

Taking this course has helped me fine tune and expand my practice.

I plan to join other classes in the future.

The one thing that would have made the course even better would have been to have access to the recordings of the classes, but I understand Sifu Thomas’ concerns about privacy.

Paula, Feldenkrais Teacher, Charlotte, NC, USA


Qi Gong has deeply changed my life.

It gives me the power to cultivate my own energy and to let it grow like a tree.

And the gentle, clear and inspiring training by Sifu Thomas is the perfect fertilizer to support this ongoing growth.

The practice harmonizes me on all levels und leads to ever more tranquility, strength and good health.

As more and more life keeps flowing into my body, I’m getting more and more in tune with life.

Brihas, Meditation Teacher, Isen near Munich, Germany

Christian Bellina

With great enthusiasm I’ve been teaching Shudokan, a traditional Japanese martial art, for 35 years.

Sifu Thomas has provided me a wealth of rewarding aspects and new ideas for my practice.

In Zhan Zhuang I realize the essence of the martial arts:

Inner strength, serenity, calmness and grounding.

Christian Bellina, Director and Founder of the International Shudokan Research Society, Klagenfurt, Austria

Stephanie Burkart

At first I was quite skeptical because I had already tried several other energy systems to no vail. Looking back, I’m glad I gave Chi Kung a chance.

After a few weeks in the foundations course, I was totally surprised how much benefit I get from Chi Kung.

Now I don’t want to be without it anymore. I’ve found the missing piece in my life.

Stephanie Burkart, Musician and Health Practitioner, Gau-Algesheim, Germany

Derby Anderson

I started reading Master Lam’s classic “The Way of Energy” a couple of years ago, and then all the rest of his books.

So I was delighted to take Master Lam’s workshop via Zoom. And I’m enjoying the online classes with Sifu Thomas twice a week.

Derby Anderson Southport, Connecticut, USA


I’ve been practicing Chi Kung for many years. Why? It just does me good.

My knee and back problems have improved a lot.

In every course, in every class, I’m learning something new.

Jürgen, Urban planner, Germany

Click here for the video (German)


I used to have a lot of physical problems and health limitations in my life.

On Richard Reoch’s recommendation, I started practicing with Master Lam’s book and videos on my own. I also attended Master Lam’s workshops in Petersaurach.

Now I feel much better. Ever since I’ve started practicing, I feel better day by day.

Dorle, Academic, Germany

Click here for the video (German)

William Prior

Enjoying the practice and the classes very much.

The teaching style of Sifu Thomas is remarkably nourishing.

After 40 or so years in Chinese Martial Arts, I know the resonance of nourishing.

William Prior, Consultant, The Woodlands, Texas, USA

Oliver Haag

Zhan Zhuang has been an important part of my personal training for many years. Elements from this very effective Chi Kung system are also integrated in my offering for my Qi Gong students.

Of all the different Qi Gong styles, Zhan Zhuang exercises are the most effective for recharging our energy reservoir.

My gratitude goes to Sifu Thomas for bringing this Chi Kung system to Germany many years ago. Through him I discovered my passion for Zhan Zhuang.

Oliver Haag, Qigong teacher and Author of “Modern Qigong”, Neu-Anspach, Germany


During a sabbatical, I was trying to find a practice to balance my work and tried Yoga and Chi Kung.

Chi Kung suited me better and I quickly felt the energy.

I’ve neglected my training lately and hope that today’s workshop will help me to train more regularly in the future.

Silke, Senior product manager, Germany

Click here for the video (German)

Rob Halsey

Thank you Sifu Thomas.

I’ve been practicing various forms of Qi Gong for twelve years, especially Zhan Zhuang  for the past six years, using Master Lam’s The Way of Energy.

While I’ve continued to learn, the clarity of your teachings and the corrections we discussed in our one-on-one session have been like rocket fuel for my daily practice.

I feel very lucky to have stumbled upon your classes and hope to have the opportunity to continue as your student in the future.

Robert Halsey , Retired Motelier, Artist and Qi Gong Enthusiast, Hokitika, New Zealand

Tim Kahlhammer

Standing Like a Tree (Zhan Zhuang) helps me to stay centered, even in stressful situations.

On stage, my presence as an actor has improved.

Tim Kahlhammer, Actor, Rorschach, Switzerland

Betti Barnabe

Much like climbing mountains, practicing Chi Kung feels like coming back home, back to my center.

Betti Bernabe, Managing Partner B-Line Marketing Services, Manila, Philippines

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Yesterday’s exercise did me so much good that I trained for another good hour straight away today, great!

Sebastian, Musician, Berlin, Germany


Chi Kung is an important building block for my health.

I got my neurodermatitis 100% under control and have also had success in managing stress in my very demanding job.

Bernd, Senior Project Manager, Germany

Click here for the video (German)


At first I thought that Chi Kung wouldn’t do anything for me.

It was only after two or three weeks of training that I realized how much it helped.

If you’re stressed out from work, do Chi Kung.

Armin, Purser (flight attendant), Middle Franconia, Germany

Click here for the video (German)


Even after many years, training Chi Kung is still very enjoyable.

You can start with Chi Kung at any age.

The results: you feel more relaxed, healthier and more flexible.

Michael, HR manager, Germany

Click here for the video (German)

Markus am Brombachsee

The beautiful view over the wide lake inspires my training

Sailing is my passion which is enriched by Chi Kung.

Markus, at the Brombach lake, Germany


I have come to realize that Chi Kung is good for my body.

Elke, Savings bank economist, Germany

Click here for the video (German)


For me, Chi Kung has become a part of my attitude towards life, for more equanimity and for more health.

Ulrich, Health practitioner, Germany

Click here for the video (German)


Just 30 minutes daily have a massive positive impact on my day.

Susannah, Headteacher, United Kingdom


Chi Kung helps me find peace and relaxation.

I gain a lot of energy from this training.

Bernd, Chief accountant, Germany

Click here for the video (German)


I can no longer imagine living without Chi Kung.

Claudia, Speech Therapist, Germany

Click here for the video (German)

Paul Gron

I really enjoyed our first classes.

It’s a pleasure to learn from someone who smiles and laughs!

That’s the kind of “role model” I like!

I have tried several other approaches to Chi Kung and Tai Chi over the past several years, but always felt that something was missing.

This approach offers exactly what I was looking for.

I really feel that this teaching will be in my life for a long time.

Paul Gron, Ed.D., Psychologist, Boston, MA, USA

Robin Andrews

I have learned a lot and have plenty to practice over the coming months.

Many thanks for sharing your knowledge and leading the sessions.

Robin Andrews, Devon, UK, Computer Science Teacher

Corinne Häller

The beauty of this martial art blossoms in secrecy.

If you want to enjoy it, you need discipline and perseverance. You will have to overcome your own weaknesses and discomforts.

But those who follow the path will be richly rewarded.

Corinne Häller, Natural Health Practitioner TCM, Switzerland

Arnold Romero

Qi-ful greetings from 2,926 meters above sea level.

We climbed two of Luzon’s highest summits – Mt Pulag and Mt Tabayoc – one day after another.

Thanks to Qigong for getting me in top condition!

Arnold Romero, Philippines

Marion Sens

Thank you so much for the wonderful workshop with Master Lam. It was very rich.

His special way of teaching and sharing really touched me.

I have made many notes on the “Six Healing Sounds” and will continue to practise according to Master Lam’s instructions.

Marion Sens, Augsburg, Germany

The training was truly awesome.

I’m very much looking forward to practicing with it.

Feedback after Chi Kung Academy workshop with Master Lam

Brihas, Meditation Teacher, Isen near Munich, Germany


Master Lam’s workshop was excellent.

So much learning.

Each session built on the previous one so it was never overwhelming.

I felt really energised afterwards.

Lots to practice now.

Debby Lennard, East Sussex, UK, Retired IT Manager

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