Movements of Power

Advanced Chi Kung Course
with Sifu Thomas

Eight Weeks from 8th February 2024

Live via Zoom

Would you like to deepen your understanding and practice of Chi Kung?

Do you want to improve your health and well-being, and strengthen your inner power?

Are you ready to take your Chi Kung practice to the next level?

Strengthen Your Inner Power

Most Chi Kung students are only familiar with the Yin positions of Zhan Zhuang. These are very popular and have been widely practiced for many decades.

However, for each of the well-known Yin postures, there is also a Yang posture and Shi Li movements that are very effective and are rarely taught.

Sifu Thomas will guide you through these advanced methods and concepts, so that you can continue to practice these exercises on your own after the course.

This course is for you, if you already have a basic understanding of Chi Kung, and want to advance your training.

Sifu Thomas
Sheng-Han practicing Chi Kung in the hills near Manila

This powerful system is like a tiger.

Sneaking upon the practitioner, it looks so calm and steady.

Yet so much power is given and returned.

Sheng-Han Yang, Chi Kung teacher, Manila, The Philippines

In this course you will learn to

Develop a deeper understanding of Chi Kung principles and practices.

Improve your physical and mental health, and reach a new level of inner power through advanced Chi Kung techniques.

Take your Chi Kung practice to the next level through the conscious interplay of Yin and Yang in the movements of Shi Li.

As a result of this training, you’ll gain a greater sense of balance, focus, and peace of mind.

Oliver Haag

Of all the different Qi Gong styles, Zhan Zhuang exercises are the most effective for recharging our energy reservoir.

My gratitude goes to Sifu Thomas for bringing this Chi Kung system to Germany many years ago. Through him I discovered my passion for Zhan Zhuang.

Oliver Haag, Qigong teacher and Author of “Modern Qigong”, Neu-Anspach, Germany

Shi Li – Movements of Power

The advanced practice of Shi Li is traditionally translated as “Power Testing”.

Its deeper meaning is Movements of Power.

These slow, careful movements take place on one spot.

They involve the movement of the whole body and are an indispensable part of the martial arts training.

Shi Li is practiced to develop the skillful synchronization of mind and body.”

Master Lam, The Way of Power

Although Zhan Zhuang and Shi Li training are the foundation of any serious martial arts training, the focus of this course is on the health benefits of this highly effective training.

Da Cheng Chuan fighting methods are not part of this course.

Additional Special Exercises

In addition to the Shi Li movements, you’ll learn:

Reverse Breathing

A special practice that is closely related to an advanced form of Shi Li

Yang Postures

Powerful extensions of the standard Yin postures

Yin Yang theory and its relevance to Chi Kung training is rounding off the course.

Yang positions, Movements of Power (Shi Li) and Reverse Breathing are rarely taught.

Sign up for this Advanced Chi Kung course and take the first step towards reaching a new level of inner power.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

Christian Bellina

Sifu Thomas has provided me a wealth of rewarding aspects and new ideas for my practice.

In Zhan Zhuang I realize the essence of the martial arts:

Inner strength, serenity, calmness and grounding.

Christian Bellina, Director and founder of the international Shudokan Research Society, Klagenfurt, Austria

Individual Coaching with Sifu Thomas

In addition to the lessons and practicing together with the group, this advanced course includes an individual coaching session with Sifu Thomas.

This one-on-one Zoom meeting is a great opportunity to deepen your practice and to discuss any Chi Kung topics for which you need clarification.

Sifu Thomas

Sifu Thomas is a
wonderful teacher,
clear and radiant.

The art he’s teaching is profound.

Richard Levine, writer, director, actor and producer, Los Angeles, California

Metal Shi Li to strengthen the lungs​

Four years ago, Sifu Thomas started teaching Metal Shi Li, an advanced Chi Kung exercise to strengthen the lungs.

The feedback since then has been very positive.

For example, in one case, Metal Shi Li was instrumental in restoring full lung function. The lungs had been compromised by Covid-19 disease.

Although the pandemic is not as dangerous as it was in the early years, this particularly effective exercise is still of great importance to all of us, as the lungs are an essential element of our well-being.

Metal Shi Li is just one example of how Shi Li can be used within the framework of the Five Elements.

The course covers all Five elements as well as Wu Chi.

Metal for the Lung
Erik Olsen

Now, I don’t have these health issues anymore.

I wake up each morning being able to breathe freely.

Erik Olson Fernandez, Union Representative for Teachers, Sonoma County, California, USA

What’s Unique About This Course?

Decades of Unparalleled Expertise
Benefit from over 27 years teaching experience of Sifu Thomas, providing you with unmatched insights and mastery in the practice of Chi Kung.

Accessible Instructions
Experience a grounded and comprehensive teaching style that demystifies Chi Kung, making it accessible to practitioners of all levels.

Cultivating Positivity
Embrace a warm and joyful learning atmosphere, where our friendly approach fosters a positive and supportive environment for personal growth.

Real-Time Learning From The Comfort Of Your Home
Engage in live online sessions led by Sifu Thomas. No pre-recorded videos – only real-time, interactive classes ensuring a dynamic and tailored learning experience.

Thriving Community Connection
Join one of the most expansive Chi Kung communities, connecting with like-minded individuals from all walks of life who share a passion for well-being and self-discovery.

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Registration and Technical Details

Fee and Registration

The price for the 8-week course including the coaching meeting with Sifu Thomas is €145.00.

If you register by January 21, 2024, you will receive an early bird discount of €29.00. This reduces the price to €116.00.

We anticipate high demand and therefore kindly ask for an early registration. Please use the button below.

Subsequently, you’ll get a message with all the details on how to join the course.

Your 100% Guarantee

If you cancel before the start of the second lesson on February 15, payments already made will be reimbursed in full and without delay – no questions asked.

Technical Requirements

We’re using Zoom Meetings for our online classes. Zoom meetings are private video conferences where all participants can see each other.

Therefore, in order to respect privacy rights, recording of the video conferences in any form (audio, video) is not allowed.

To participate in the course via Zoom, it is recommended to install the Zoom software on a smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop beforehand. Registration with Zoom is not required.

Access to a reliable internet connection should be available.

After signing-up, you will receive the Zoom dial-in data which you need to participate in the weekly classes.

Language and Start Time

The course is held in English with translation into German. Each lesson will take about 60 minutes.

We’ll meet every Thursday at 18:30 (6:30 pm) Central European Time (CET).If you’re outside of the CET time zone, please check the following link for your local start time:

Click here for the time zone converter

Participation at your own risk

Chi Kung exercises can be demanding and strenuous, depending on your physical condition.

By participating, you acknowledge that you do so at your own risk.

Your health and well-being are our top priority. So please, if you have pre-existing medical conditions or injuries, or if you have any doubts or concerns, seek medical advice before participating in our classes.

Please click the link below to read the Chi Kung Health Advisory for more details.

Click here for the Chi Kung health advisory

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Sifu Thomas

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