Start Here First

A Journey of a Thousand Miles
Begins Where You Stand

Dao De Jing

It is easy to get started with Chi Kung
in the Tradition of the Masters.

You can literally start where you stand right now.

Yet this art is so profound and deep that you never stop learning.

Training on Your own

Study The Book: The Way of Energy

The exercises of Chi Kung in the Tradition of the Masters are surprisingly easy and extremely beneficial.

Equally amazing is the depth and breadth of this art.

There are no limits to strengthening and nurturing your energy.

If you’d like to get started right away, we highly recommend Master Lam’s classic The Way of Energy.

In this beautifully illustrated book, you’ll find details on many basic Chi Kung exercises.

Way of Energy

Watch the YouTube Video Series: Stand Still – Be Fit

In addition to the Way of Energy classic, Master Lam’s “Stand Still – Be Fit” video series is a great introduction to the art of Chi Kung.

Click here for the YouTube video

Youtube-Stand Still Be Fit

Elevating Your Skills

The Foundations Course

After studying on your own for a while, you may want to learn from an experienced teacher to ensure that you get all the subtle points of the art.

Hence, a natural next step on your Chi Kung journey would be attending the Foundations course.

Sifu Thomas has been teaching this course for more than 25 years and continually refined the content.

Hundreds of students have learned Chi Kung this way.

During the nine weeks of the course, you’ll acquire a solid foundation in Chi Kung in the Tradition of the Masters.

The course begins every year in October.

Sifu Thomas

Weekly Training with the Chi Kung Academy

If you want to expand your knowledge and skills, you are very welcome to join the Chi Kung Academy.

As a member, you can:

  • Attend Weekly online classes, live via Zoom
  • Participate in exclusive training to deepen your practice
  • Be part of a supportive community of like‑minded people

Please note that before joining the Academy, you should have already acquired a basic understanding and practice of Chi Kung.

Click here to read more

Chi Kung Workshop with Master Lam in Petersaurach

Special Chi Kung Events

Special Chi Kung events, such as classes, workshops or retreats, are a unique opportunity to learn and practice special topics and exercises.

Upcoming events will be added to the list below.

If you’d like to be kept up to date on news and special offers, please sign up for the Chi Kung newsletter.

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Chi Kung Workshop with Master Lam in Petersaurach

Next Classes and Workshops

live via Zoom
On 9th June 2024

Chi Kung Workshop
The Six Healing Sounds

With Master Lam

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Nine weeks live via Zoom
From 17th October 2024

Chi Kung Foundations Course

With Sifu Thomas

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Previous Classes and Workshops

Eight weeks live via Zoom
From 8th FebruarY 2024

Chi Kung Course
Movements of Power

With Sifu Thomas

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