Master Lam in Beijing

The Six Healing Sounds

Chi Kung Workshop with Master Lam 9 June 2024, Live via Zoom

Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn the ancient practice of the Six Healing Sounds directly from Master Lam, the renowned authority who introduced the art of Chi Kung to the West.
Sabine on the beach in Cambria, CA, USA

Start Here First

A Journey of a Thousand Mile Begins Where One Stands

Chi Kung in the Tradition of the Masters is easy to begin with. Read more about how to start training ...
Chi Kung Workshop with Master Lam in Petersaurach

Weekly Training with the Chi Kung Academy

Would you like to take your Chi Kung to the next level?

Become a member of the Chi Kung Academy to access Weekly Online Classes live via Zoom, Exclusive Training and a Supportive Community to deepen your …
Chi Kung Workshop

The Chi Kung Academy

Ancient Wisdom meets Modern Practice

Established in 1997 under the guidance of Sifu Thomas and endorsed by Master Lam, the Academy offers training for both novice and seasoned Chi Kung enthusiasts ...
Sifu Thomas

Chi Kung Foundations

Chi Kung Course with Sifu Thomas
Nine weeks from October 17, 2024, Live via Zoom

Would you like to learn Chi Kung in the Tradition of the Masters, from a teacher with over 27 years of expertise in teaching this art?
Sifu Thomas

Movements of Power

Advanced Chi Kung Course with Sifu Thomas, 8 weeks from February 8, 2024, Live via Zoom

Improve your physical and mental health, and reach a new level of inner power …

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