Chi Kung Workshop with Master Lam in Petersaurach

Weekly Training with the Chi Kung Academy

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Sifu Thomas

Chi Kung Foundations

Chi Kung Course with Sifu Thomas
Nine weeks from October 17, 2024, Live via Zoom

Would you like to learn Chi Kung in the Tradition of the Masters, from a teacher with over 27 years of expertise in teaching this art?
Training with Master Lam in Petersaurach, Germany

Why Chi Kung?

Chi Kung improves all aspects of our well-being and of our effectiveness. Personal energy levels increase significantly. Inner power flows ...
Benefits of Chi Kung
Group picture with Master Lam and students

First Years with Master Lam

Don’t move,” said the Master. He was motionless. “Whatever you do, don’t move.” There was a long silence. Then he spoke ...
Master Lam
Sifu Thomas

Movements of Power

Advanced Chi Kung Course with Sifu Thomas, 8 weeks from February 8, 2024, Live via Zoom

Improve your physical and mental health, and reach a new level of inner power …

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